I work with abstract painting, as I examine the picturesque process and challenge the ability and efficacy of the material. I work with oil and acrylic paint on canvas. In my exploration of the abstract painting potentials I place the very artistic process in the center. The motifs often give a sense of desolate landscapes where the forms are in a space without actual foreground and background. I seek to create works possessing ambiguity and subtle narrative, allowing for reflection in order to provide scope for the viewer to form his own narrative. In our world, everything has a beginning and an end. An activity begins and ends. My works are a reproduction of the world that surrounds me. Through the world that is in me, perceived, related, restored, shaped and rebuilt in a personal form. The basis of my painting is that it's about me, and perhaps more than anything else revolves around self changing. I attempt an objective outcome, but my works are very much like a ‘self-portrait’. My works are enquiring inner self-portraits, constantly looking inwardly while I paint it outwardly.


Through my installations I explore the language of the various materials used. I am rapt with the experience of tactility, along with creating a poetic and sensuous event. My works are reflections of the relationships between materials and stories. All the while having the materials in my hands, I am looking for minor and major connections - the encountered places leads me to the intersection, where I recognise elements in myself; resulting in a poetic image and explanations of the very near and personal happening, in and around me. The interplaying creation takes place in the time spans between the handmade and the found objects. I combine elements composed of different materials. I use cardboard, rubber, leather, plastic, wood, metal, silicone, tape, string and many other items from the construction market.